Saturday, July 07, 2007

Whats In Your Playlist?

I mainly use my iPod for running, and I hear it as I walk to work, which thankfully is only a 10 block walk from my apartment to 30 Rock (yes, I work in the same building, just 2 floors below, for the same company ((NBC)) that Tina Fey ridicules on her hilarious sitcom).

Latest additions to my playlist: couple new Bon Jovi songs, "Any Other Day" and "Lost Highway" which is a sickeningly addictive song. Those guys know how to rock a catchy tune.

Also have Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry", a new Martina McBride song .. and as for classics, how about The Clash's "Police on my Back"? Perfect song near the tail end of a run when you're starting to fade. The moment that comes on your adrenaline spikes. God Bless The Clash.

I'm up to about 400 songs on my Nano and I usually don't blow anything out 'til I'm completely sick of it.

LMK what you've got playing ...

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