Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Potter Bandwagon

So yesterday I was talking about how Harry Potter has become the dominant force in pop culture. Admittedly, not such an 'out-there' statement to make. But I have to admit it was funny to wake up and read the front page of USA TODAY's LIFE section today and see their cover story.

Seems I'm far from the only person to notice the bespectacled one's pervasive influence and cash-hoarding prowess.

Also, is there any greater indication of someone (or something)'s "IT" factor than becoming a victim of piracy or getting prematurely leaked onto the Internet? If so, then further proof that it's Harry's world and we all just live in it can be found
If those really are the pages from the last Potter book, I hope they catch the person who put 'em up there. Its one thing to give an early heads up for a preview screening of an upcoming movie, but to go ahead and steal shots of the pages to post them .. its not just wrong but its cheapening how the audience can enjoy the book. Reading photographs of the pages of perhaps the most anticipated book of the last quarter century is not the way people should experience it. So if anyone is thinking of going on an online search for those pages, DON'T! Wait 'til Saturday and buy the book, sit down and read it on the couch, and enjoy Harry's last adventure the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

My PSA is done. Now I'm off to eat some Cuban food at Havana Central (which is pretty good, despite being right in the middle of tourist hell in Times Square).

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