Friday, July 27, 2007

INNNDYYYYYY!!!! (Guess Who's Back?) -SDCC News

One of the several big things to come out of Thursday's Paramount panel was the 'live via satellite' appearance by director Steven Spielberg and the cast of Indy 4 sitting on directors chairs. Harrison Ford looked great in his worn adventurer's outfit, Ray Winstone (who's also starring in Bob Zemeckis' Beowulf) and Shia LaBeouf were also there from the film's current shooting location.
Spielberg and Ford shared few details other than the fact that after 18 years, 25 days of shooting have been completed. Ford seemed genuinely excited to be doing another Indy movie and I can't wait to see him working with Winstone onscreen. No confirmation about LaBeouf's role, other than Ford calling him his 'other sidekick.' Spielberg told the audience this movie is for the fans and they're going to get it right - frankly, how can you doubt this crew?
Oh yeah .. almost forgot. Before signing off, spielberg went and grabbed another directors chair -- with the name 'Marion Ravenwood' on it! The crowd in Hall H inside San Diego's Convention Center went nuts when Karen Allen, the first and to many fans the best of Indy's girls, walked into view and sat in the chair.
And she looked amazing!! I mean, really, really good. I'm all of a sudden extremely excited about this movie. Everything seems to be falling into place for a great return for Indy. And while I'm a huge Cate Blanchett fan, I'm hoping Karen Allen gets more than just a cameo walk-on role, because the character of Marion Ravenwood deserves better. Thankfully, it appears Spielberg is well aware of what the fans want with this movie and he wants to get it right.
More SDCC updates later.

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