Sunday, April 10, 2011

MAKING ROOM - updated!

The great Avila purge continues ...
er, of my excess crap... err...OK, I mean all the dvds & GNs cluttering up our apartment.

The list below is what is still available + some new additions that I dug up. Same rules apply: Max 5 items per person, first come first serve, and you probably should be local (in NYC) because I'm not dealing with the expense & hassle of shipping.



Rocky 2-disc collectors set
Road to perdition
Rock n Roll high school blu
Caprica premiere press kit
Parks and recreation pilot screener
Waltz with bashir
La Mission
Amazing journey: the story of The Who
Mister lonely
Alvin and the chipmunks
guy and Madeleine on a Park Bench
CSNY/Deja vu
The Dark Crystal
Symbionic Titans season premiere
Clone Wars S:3 premiere
Spectacular Spider-Man: attack of the lizard
Freedom writers
Spinning into butter
Downloading Nancy
Goodbye Solo
The Final Season
Margot at the Wedding
Meatloaf: in search of paradise
The Nanny Express
FF: Rise of the Silver Surfer 2- discs
Flashbacks of a fool
Gotta dance
Quid pro quo
Grace is Gone
Jesus Camp
Adam resurrected
BAtman: Gotham Knight
Table for 3
I bring what I love

Superman on the couch book
Burnout -mind gn
Captain Freedom novel
Sentences: the Life of mr Grimm hc
Waltz with bashir Gn

Xbox 360 games:
Madden 09
Madden 10
Call of duty 2 special Ed
Scene it? Trivia game


Sex and the city movie
Sopranos s:1
Z rock IFC comedy series screener
My breakfast w/blassie
Jockeys (animal planet)
Lookin to Get Out
Van Wilder:freshman year
Major league
Eddie Murphy raw
Morning light doc
Dark Streets
Blade Runner 5-disc HD DVD set
Son of Kong
Mighty Joe Young
Henry Poole is Here
Little Red Riding Hood
Failure to launch
Human contract
Clash of the titans
Penn and Teller BS - 6th season
Table for 3
Jo Koy don't make Jim angry
Boogie Man - lee Atwater story
Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon
SW Clone Wars - Rise of the Bounty Hunters press kit
Louis CL - Hilarious
Ghost hunters Intl press kit
Black panther cartoon series
Ghost Hunt novel
Suburbia (roger corman)
Spiderman vs Doc Ock
Spiderman - ultimate villain showdown
Gamera - the giant monster
Stella - live in Boston
The Beatles - help!
Boffo -HBO/variety doc
The Narrows
Ping Pong playa
Five dollars a day
Bigger stronger Faster
Lions for lambs
Kobe doin work
Close Encounters of 3rd kind doc
Constantines sword
Fog city mavericks
Forever strong
Diminished Capacity
I Sell the Dead
The missing person
Ball Don't lie
What goes up
American swing
the Cake eaters
The garden
Nobel son
Running the sahara
Herb and Dorothy
The 11th hour
The wild and wonderful whites of west Virginia
Cherry blossoms
Wonder Woman animated film
Tinkerbell 2 Blu
Down to the bone
24: redemption tv movie
Black hole SYFY movie
The Escapist
Tribute to Heath ledger
St trinians
Young Indy documentaries
Bart Got a Room
Get Low
Survival of the Dead
Toe to Toe
Valhalla Rising


Mortal combat vs DC uni
Madden 08 x360
Lego rock band x360
Comedy central hasselhoff roast


Plastic Man on the lam - Kyle baker
Outsiders - looking for trouble
Catwoman - 9 lives of a feline fatale
Ultimate guide to GI Joe
Dark Entries - Ian Rankin
Ultimate Spidey vol 12
Gotham Central half a life
STAR WARS Infinities: the empire strikes back
WE3 - vertigo
Prelude to Infinite Crisis

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