Thursday, May 07, 2009

Movie Revamps

My apologies to the 2 or 3 readers of my infinitely entertaining blog (thanks Mom, thanks Cin!) for the lack of posts this week. Been genuinely busy working on REEL TALK and screening a bunch of movies. and preparing for some cool guests coming to the show: Ewan McGregor, Sam Worthington, maybe Christian Bale...

Also been busy on a few articles due this week, including a piece on the Best & Worst Hollywood reboots. Or Reimaginings. Or revamps. Whichever silly term you prefer to use to describe the remakes the movie industry loves to throw $$ at these days.

Its up on the popular geek site Newsarama, Click Here to read my Top 5 Best facelifts. Feel free to post your comments/thoughts/snarky barbs here or on the article page.

The Top 5 Worst article goes up later today. That one was MUCH easier to write, since Hollywood usually gets these things wrong. VERY WRONG.

Speaking of reboots, go see "Star Trek" this weekend. It's tons o' fun in outer space.

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