Wednesday, August 15, 2007


The guy on this fake ID is the next teen idol. Mark my words, after SUPERBAD drops this weekend and takes all the box office business from Nicole Kidman & Daniel Craig's THE INVASION (raise your hand if you know ANYONE who's going to see it this weekend), McLovin' will be a star! Awkward HS Juniors in clique-run high schools across the country will be printing their PhotoShopped fake IDs with one-name monikers ..

McJiggy ....


McFreshman ... [its not as easy it looks, believe me.]

As Fogell, Christopher Mintz-Plasse comes THISCLOSE to stealing the very funny pic from Jonah Hill & Michael Cera (who play Seth & Evan, who are based on the movie's writers and inspiration, lifelong friends Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg).
The scene where he shows Seth & Evan his fake ID is hilarious, an instant classic ...

"You changed your name to McLovin?!?"

"Who are you ... Seal?"

McLovin is one of several great characters in the 2nd funniest movie of the summer (KNOCKED UP still holds on to the title). SUPERBAD is the PORKY'S for the new generation, and much funnier than any of the AMERICAN PIE movies. Go see it. Find out for yourself.

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