Thursday, March 22, 2007

Box Office Predictions

OK .. so this weekend's new movies is quite varied. Like those plastic-wrapped sets of 8 small single-serving cereal boxes, this weekend holds something of interest for most movie fans.
For the action shoot-em-up fans, there's Mark Wahlberg's "Shooter"...

for fans of more serious subject matter, there's Adam Sandler's 'I'm not just a movie star, I'm an actor!' turn in "Reign Over Me" ...

There's also "Pride," the inspiring, based-on-true-events flick starring Terrence Howard, who is so good, he even made to a pimp seem noble in "Hustle & Flow." Haven't seen it yet but I'm curious to see if swimming can pump up an audience like Boxing or Baseball.

For the kids, you have "TMNT," the rebirth of the Turtles franchise ... and "The Last Mimzy."
Now, while New Line Cinema's marketing department will do their darndest to make sure 'Mimzy' is the big winner this weekend (because their boss, studio chief Bob Shaye -- the guy who FIRED PETER JACKSON FROM THE HOBBIT -- directed it, so money is no object when it comes to preventing this film to bomb), I think the Turtles will be the big winner. Just a hunch but it looks like something kids will really get excited for.

Here's how I think the new movies will do this weekend:

1. TMNT - $35M

2. Shooter - $30M

3. Reign Over Me - $18M

4. The Last Mimzy - $10M

5. Pride - $7.5M

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OK, shameless plug is over. Enjoy the movies this weekend. What are you planning to see?

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